mysterysquid (mysterysquid) wrote,

I Aten't Dead

As it turns out!

Just really quiet.

It's tricky when you've not posted for this long. What's noteworthy, what's not? I have no idea, to be honest. Let's see.

Work: is good Inside a Dog and Ergo have both been rebuilt and relaunched, and are going well. I've been travelling a lot promoting the sites to schools and libraries around the state, including some longer trips to Leongatha, Wangaratta, Shepparton, and Warrnambool. I've presented to all sorts of groups, big and small, teachers, librarians, students, parents, you name it. I've presented at a big Education Department conference, and I helped with the running of the Reading Matters conference, where I got to meet Markus Zusak, Rebecca Stead, Brenton McKenna, Oliver Phommavanh and even Cassandra Clare, as well as catching up with a bunch of other folks - authors I knew (like Lili Wilkinson and Karen Healey), librarians, teachers, booksellers, you name it. It's funny ghow immersed I've become in the YA scene without really even noticing.

There's a full-time slot coming up with the Centre for Youth Literature that I applied for on Friday. It'll be pretty popular, so I don't know what my chances are. Still, fingers crossed! Failing that, I still have a short-term contract til February, so that's all good.

Life in general is okay. Not hitting the gym as much as I should, but getting out a bit more. Still not great at catching up with people in perosn either, but we're seeing a lot more of ted_the_bug  now she's back in the city, which is great.

I had the most amazing surprise on Thursday - a visitor at work. Folks I know from selfportraits  might remember Paul - selahme  AKA psalm1special AKA the funny goofy guy form SIngapore! He was in Melbourne and had conspired in secret with acerbicmuffin  to surprise me. I was totally gobsmacked. He's just as lovely in person as he seems online, and he got me a present: one of those umbrellas with a katana handle. Awesome.

SO - that's a start.

Hi everyone.
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