mysterysquid (mysterysquid) wrote,

On the road again.

More travel for work. I'll slap the details under a cut. I've included some photos for the curious. This will be part one of three, it's getting a bit long...


Horsham is in the Wimmera - this is the area Major Mitchell called Australia Felix - it's good grazing and cropland. It looks like this:

And this:

Horsham itself is about four hours drive from Melbourne. It's a pretty straightforward trip, along the highway out thorugh Ballarat. I did my spiel in the Grains Information Centre - it's a facility of the department of agriculture that has rooms for hire. And displays on the history of wheat!

The session went well, I got nine teachers in, and a rep from the Region.

Tomorrow I'll post about Ballarat.

Last Wednesday would have been my sister Marla's 36th birthday. She died just under eight years ago. I wonder what she'd be doing now if she was still with us.
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