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The last few weeks

So I've had an interesting few weeks.

This got long.

On my birthday, I had a job interview. They said I wouldn't hear before the 20th, but the called at about 3pm to offer me the gig! I also got some cash, which contributed to getting myself a Galaxy Note 8. It's a great fun little thing - smaller than an ipad, but big enough to be find for reading/comics/watching vids. I like the stylus too, and the handwriting recognition is pretty good. I also had birthday wishes from John Rozum, one of my favourite comics writers (he wrote Xombi), which might have made me squee a bit. I know it's just because I'm friends with him on facebook and all, but still. I also also got another surprise when I got home -- an Amazon order had arrived two weeks before they'd told me to expect it. I'd ordered myself a present you see - a copy of the Codex Seraphinianus, and it actually arrived on my birthday. It's a truly amazing book: basically an encyclopedia of a world that doesn't exist, written in its own language.

That weekend was the Mdsumma Carnival, where some of the girls from the burlesque troupe were performing to publicise their gala (see below!). Had a great day, but got a bit sunburnt. Tanya did her routine Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen, which got a great response.

The following week was one of those stupidly hot weeks we get here in January and February. We had four days in a row above 44C (111F). We always leave water out for the animals. This year, in addition to the usual magpies, currawongs and other smaller birds, we had a family of cockatoos come in who were pretty much dominating the water. One night, we spotted two young possums who'd been kept away by the cockies, one on the ground and one in a nearby tree. They both looked pretty dehydrated, so we ended up feeding them water from a syringe until they were strong enough to realise they were accepting water from a human and ran away. :)

The Va Va Boombah Fat Burlesque Gala was on the 18th. It was brilliant - their best show yet. Tanya's act was to Regurgitator's song Fat Cop, and yes, she had a police uniform. She had the velcro tearaway trousers and all. Apparently she singlehandedly changed several peoples' minds about the "uniform thing", including a radical queer anarchist!

Here's their gig poster - that's Tanya at bottom right for those who don't know her in person:

The day after was Brickvention - the Melbourne Lego convention. It was fantastic. Some amazing works there. I have an album up on my facebook, but here are a few highlights:

Wizard of Oz


Sydney Opera House cross section!

The following day was the tenth anniversary of my sister Marla's death. It's pretty surreal to think that it's been so long. We had a big family dinner at a local Indian restaurant.

The Australia Day long weekend was the Va Va Boombah Glitterdome 90s Mixtape dance party. The girls DJed. It was a phenomenal night - I've not had that much fun going out in ages. Got home about 4AM.


The coming week is my last week in the current job. I'm excited, a bit nervous, and a bit guilty... Oh well. Onward!
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