mysterysquid (mysterysquid) wrote,

Um, hello

So, I've not posted since February.


I'm getting in before the new year though, so that's something I guess.

I'll keep this fairly brief, or I'll lose my nerve and not write anything again.

As of three weeks ago, we live here!


My parents are selling the place we were living, and we didn't want to be there while people were coming through for inspections, so we jumped ship early. Still have a few odds and ends there that I'm going to collect while I'm on holiday.

Speaking of, I'm working now at Monash Unviersity. I got the job after a guy I used to work with at the Library nmentioned it on Twitter - he worked there with another educator I knew from online. As it turns out, they both left in my first two months there - within six weeks of starting I was the longest serving member of my team. The job itself also seemed to change a lot - I've ended up doing less actual education work and more project manangement. I've -- not been enjoying it, shall we say? Sigh. It's settling down a bit now, but I have half an eye out for other stuff. It's a shame really, because I loved the job I left to come to this one, but the new federal government cut the funding, bless their socks.

The bloody federal government. Ugh. I'll just say they're awful and leave it at that.

So, that's a tiny catch-up. We'll see if I can get back in the habit, shall we?
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